• Mobile phone precision parts vibration plate

Mobile phone precision parts vibration plate

Eight processes of vibrating plate customization service:
1. Appointment consultation with customers: early communication with customers to understand technical requirements;
2. Incoming material test: the customer sends a small amount of material, and the Hechang vibrating plate factory passes the material evaluation;
3. Preliminary project evaluation plan: The project conducts preliminary structural design and parts material evaluation based on materials;
4. Confirmation of technical communication: Hechang Vibration Plate Factory confirms technical requirements and complete machine accessories;
5. Quotation and signing of the contract: According to the customized plan of the designed vibrating plate, sign the contract and pay the deposit;
6. Engineering perfect design: according to the confirmed technical scheme, perfect the design logic of the vibrating plate;
7. Vibration plate production: arrange factory production, commissioning and installation of the whole machine vibration plate;
8. Ship to the customer: After the stability of the material is tested, it will be shipped to the customer's factory;

I. Description of vibration plate for precision parts of mobile phone:
The XXX vibrating disk feeding equipment produced by Shanghai Hechang Vibrating Disk Equipment Factory is widely used in various industries such as light industrial machinery, electronic appliances, standard parts of clocks and watches, pharmaceutical industry, hardware industry, plastic connectors, batteries, food packaging machinery, testing, etc. .   
Products include: vibrating plate, automatic feeding vibrating plate, automatic feeding bin, linear feeder, vibrating plate governor, vibrating platform, vertical vibrator, automatic counting and packaging system and other series. Shanghai Hechang Vibrating Disk Equipment Factory also provides automatic and semi-automatic equipment modification and design. In order to help customers who have cooperated with us to solve after-sales problems, we also contract the maintenance business of imported and domestic vibrating discs.
The purpose of Hechang vibrating plate is to research, design and develop high-quality products and provide first-class after-sales service for all kinds of production enterprises with high quality, high standard and high efficiency. For all your customized vibration plates, Hechang Vibration Plate Factory will install and debug for you free of charge. One year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Year-round tracking service relieves your worries.  
2. How to order Hechang vibration plate?
To order a suitable vibration plate, you must first fully understand your requirements and cooperate with the use of the host:
1. The workpiece samples or drawings used in formal production, and the feeding direction of the vibrating plate (clockwise, counterclockwise)
2. The state of the workpiece at the exit of the vibrating plate, and the material speed.  
3. The space restriction and installation position of the vibrating plate, power supply and air supply situation.
4. The customer explains other requirements such as the appearance and coating of the vibrating plate.
5. The delivery cycle is generally 7-15 days, free installation and debugging for you
Three, mobile phone precision parts vibration plate parameters:

Brand: River Chang

Speed: 60/M

Product name: HCVibration plate

Top plate diameter: 280-1200MM

Model: HC-Vibration plate

Controller: Vibration plate frequency modulation controller

Power: 50/W

Chassis diameter: 100-1500MM

Amplitude: 50Hz

Accessories: Wiring

Four, mobile phone precision parts vibration plate structure drawing:
V. Test video of vibration plate of precision parts of mobile phone before leaving factory:

Six. Application range of vibration plate for precision parts of mobile phone:
Electronic components, electrical accessories, household appliances, hardware tools, automotive industry stamping processing, batteries, hardware, electronics, medicine, food, connectors, potentiometers, zippers, watches, toys, furniture, screws and other industries.
Seven. The production process of the vibrating plate for precision parts of mobile phones:
8. Eight processes of customized vibrating plate service:
1. Appointment consultation with customers: early communication with customers to understand technical requirements;
2. Incoming material test: the customer sends a small amount of material, and the Hechang vibrating plate factory passes the material evaluation;
3. Preliminary project evaluation plan: The project conducts preliminary structural design and parts material evaluation based on materials;
4. Confirmation of technical communication: Hechang Vibration Plate Factory confirms technical requirements and complete machine accessories;
5. Quotation and signing of the contract: According to the design of the vibrating plate customized plan, sign the contract to pay the deposit;
6. Engineering perfect design: according to the confirmed technical scheme, perfect the design logic of the vibrating plate;
7. Vibration plate production: arrange factory production, commissioning and installation of the whole machine vibration plate;
8. Ship to the customer: After the stability of the material is tested, it will be shipped to the customer's factory;
9. Shanghai Hechang Vibrating Disk Equipment Factory participates in the exhibition:
Ten. Warranty terms of Hechang vibration plate
1. Thank you for your patronage of Shanghai Hechang Vibrating Disk Equipment Factory. The above vibrating plate products will be delivered after passing the inspection. From the date of purchase, it is guaranteed for one year under correct use conditions, and lifetime paid service. (Knives, molds, machine parts in contact with components, other consumables, etc. are not warranted; dismantling other irrelevant parts without permission is not warranted; there is no warranty for the company's logo on the machine).
2. There is a warranty card for this product. In order to protect your company's rights and interests, please keep this card properly. You need to show this card during the warranty period to enjoy the above rights, otherwise the company has the right to refuse the warranty.
3. In case of failure, telephone or video guidance is the main way. For example, near Shanghai (such as Kunshan, Suzhou, Nantong, Wuxi), the problem can be solved or door-to-door service can be provided within 42 hours (specifically subject to the cooperation and negotiation of both parties).
4. However, if one of the following situations occurs, the cost will be charged even during the warranty period:
<1>Damage caused by careless or wrong use;
<2>Failure caused by self-modification;
<3>Damage caused by natural disasters, moving, and transportation;
<4> Incorrectly plugged in the power source, causing damage to the motor and electrical appliances.
5. Except for this guarantee, the warranty card issued by any other business or person is not recognized by the company. It is invalid without the company's seal, and the company reserves the right of final interpretation.

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